Grief Support

Help After A Loss

“Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal”. ~An Irish saying

Grief is a normal and natural, though often painful, response to loss. The more significant the loss, the more intense the grief is likely to be.

Each individual experiences and expresses grief differently. For example, one person may withdraw and feel helpless, while another might be angry and want to take some action. No matter what the reaction, the grieving person may benefit from the support of others.

What is Grief Support?

Helping family and friends deal with the loss of a loved one is a big part of what we do at JourneyCare. Grief (or bereavement) support plays a vital role in the overall hospice philosophy. While our care team supports and cares for the patient, the grief support counselors at JourneyCare continue to care for the family as they work through the grief process. Licensed counselors work closely with the patient’s family and caregivers to help them discover healthy ways to cope with loss and provide support after the passing of a loved one, to be a companion during the journey of grief.

While there are no simple answers, our grief support team is specially trained to help families, children, spouses and friends to cope with loss and begin moving forward with their lives. Grief support is provided through compassionate listening, emotional support and grief education, privately or in group sessions, all in confidence.

Grief Support Services at JourneyCare

Our grief support program is one of the most comprehensive available and includes:

  • Licensed counselors who work individually and in group settings
  • Support in the manner most comfortable for the individual…phone, online or in person
  • Specialized support for children suffering from a loss, including group programs such as Remember U, a monthly grief support program, and Camp Courage, a summer day camp
  • Grief educational programs
  • General and group programs dealing with specific types of loss, such as a child, sibling, spouse and/or parents
  • Community memorial services hosted by JourneyCare for the celebration & remembrance of  loved ones
  • Assistance in accessing community resources if needed

The grief process is different for everyone and there is no “right way” to grieve. However, increasing your understanding of the natural grief and mourning process may make life more manageable.

Our grief support services are available to our JourneyCare families as well as to the community and help people make this transition and adjust to their new life.

Please call us at 224-770-CARE or e-mail our grief counselors at

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