Care For Children

Admission To Inpatient Services

General inpatient care is available to hospice patients when symptoms cannot be managed in the home setting. Transfer to the center is usually made by a recommendation from the patient’s current nurse manager or physician referral when symptoms such as pain, nausea, shortness of breath and anxiety, for example, need continuous medical oversight.

A patient may be transferred to our service from another hospice that may not have an inpatient unit or from a hospital, where they can be admitted directly to our center to receive care.

How long the patient stays in the center is determined during the daily assessment by our interdisciplinary care team, depending on how symptoms are being managed.

The Medicare Hospice Benefit and most insurance policies cover hospice care, including inpatient care services.

A Temporary Solution

Since a patient’s stay in the inpatient center is short-term, the discharge planning discussion begins at admission. The care team works with family members to help make arrangements for transfer back to wherever the patient calls home or to a new home location if needed. Since the goal of most patients is to return to wherever they call home as soon as possible, once a patient’s symptoms have become managed, transfer arrangements are made. In preparation for discharge, the team evaluates the patient’s symptoms, the patient and family comfort level and educational needs and reviews how goals can be met.

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